Recognising that each companies’ requirements are varied and different, MOTOSI believes in delivering bespoke and performance driven results, aligned to a company’s values, people, technology provision, business philosophy and commercial aspirations.

In this market, perhaps more than ever before, it is important for companies to be nimble, agile and customer centric. MOTOSI helps insurers develop and execute strategies that will increase their profitability through efficiency gains made in the operational process.

Strategic operations, business critical operations.

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MOTOSI offer a range of services. From strategic leadership to TOM development all with the focus of increasing the efficiency and profitability of our client’s company. 

  • Interim Role

    Head of Operations, Director of Operations, COO

  • Strategic Leadership

    Market modernisation implementation and activation

  • Market Modernisation

    Implementation / Activation

  • Operational Process and Design

    Reviews, assessments and TOM development

  • Stakeholder Engagement

    Board engagement and management consulting and reporting

  • Turnaround, Set - up and Transform

    Development of best practice and alignment to regulatory frameworks and governance

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